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Universal Fine Print

These are the universal rules that apply to every Larga voucher unless otherwise stated in the deal’s terms and conditions.

1. Offer Availability:  The deal, offer or package will be made available for purchase on Larga for a predetermined time or until slots run out, whichever comer earlier.

2. Travel Booking:  All travel bookings must be confirmed within the specified booking period.  (“Booking Period”). The inclusive dates of the Booking Period shall be clearly indicated on the voucher, and may be extended for a period of 1 month at the request of the voucher-holder (“Extended Booking Period”). 

2.1. Booking confirmation is required at least 45 days prior to the date of travel unless otherwise indicated in the deal’s terms.

2.2. Booking confirmations received during the Extended Booking Period will incur a Late Booking Fee equivalent to 10% of the voucher price.

2.3. Given its nature, Extended Booking Periods may not apply to vouchers with Fixed Travel Dates. Should you wish to change your booking period, you will likely need to request for a re-quote of the same package as in the voucher, or a quote for a new package altogether.

2.4. Booking requests received beyond the Extended Booking Period will no longer be accepted. Vouchers not booked during the booking period and/or extended booking period will no longer be valid.

2.5. Airline seats and/or room accommodations are subject to the Travel Partner’s slot availability during the stated travel or redemption period.  Reservations are strictly on a first-come / first-served basis.

2.6. No changes will be allowed once booking has been confirmed, finalized and ticketed.

Travel / Redemption Period:  The voucher may only be redeemed for travel during the period indicated on the voucher and/ or deal page.

3.1. Blackout dates such as weekends and holidays may apply.  When applicable, blackout dates will be clearly indicated on the voucher and/ or deal or offer page.

3.2. Voucher is considered expired and invalid if there is failure to redeem within the travel or redemption period. 

4. Refund and Cancellation Policy: We offer a full refund guarantee valid for the first 24 hours of purchase.  During this 24-hour period, you may cancel your confirmed order for any reason by sending us an email at  Please include your name, order ID, name of deal or offer to be cancelled, payment method, and bank details to enable us to facilitate your request expediently.  Your refund will be deposited to your bank account within 7 business days upon completion of required information.

4.1 Other than what is covered by the 24-hour full refund guarantee, we offer a 100% refund to be credited to your account's Travel Fund for your future use. If you don't have account, our team will help set it up for you. Email for assistance.

4.2 You may also request for cash refunds. Note that voucher cancellation requests made within the booking and extended booking periods and prior to any booking confirmation will incur a cancellation fee equivalent to 25% of the voucher price. 

4.3 Cancellation requests made beyond the extended booking period will no longer be accepted.

4.4 Confirmed bookings, No-shows, and expired, invalid or unredeemed vouchers are strictly non-refundable.

5. All required documents must be provided by the customer.  Authorized representatives must bring the customer’s Larga voucher, valid ID, and an authorization letter to claim services on behalf of.

6. Some travel packages require the payment of a surcharge before the voucher can be redeemed – such as, but not limited to, when only the base airline fare is included in the Larga deal price and airline taxes and other fees need to be paid separately upon booking confirmation. In such cases, the surcharge will be clearly indicated in the voucher and deal or offer page.  We will also provide an approximation of the additional fees on best effort basis.  All surcharges are to be paid directly to the Travel Partner.

7. Any special arrangement is by request and may be subject to additional fees to be paid directly to the Travel Partner. Larga will not be liable for any additional payments or arrangements made directly with the Travel Partner.

8. Please check with our Travel Partner for visa assistance. Larga and its Travel Partner are not responsible for the denial of a customer’s visa application. Larga’s cancellation policy still applies should a voucher-holder be unable to redeem their voucher due to the destination country/ies’ visa or entry requirements.

9. Larga cannot be held liable for circumstances that are beyond its control. This may include, but not limited, to natural disasters, acts of God, civil unrest, and unexpected business closure, among others.

10. Other Terms:

10.1. The order amount has to be paid in full before the buyer can receive their voucher.  We currently accept payment in two ways – via Paypal or via bank deposit.  When paying via bank deposit or online bank transfer, please email us a copy of your deposit or transfer confirmation via for us to facilitate your voucher delivery.

10.2. Your voucher will be sent to the email address you provided within 6 business hours from payment confirmation.

10.3. As Larga vouchers are already deeply discounted, they may not be used in conjunction with other promotions and government-mandated discounts.

10.4. All deal, offer and package prices published on Larga are inclusive of VAT and other relevant taxes unless otherwise indicated in the featured deal’s terms and conditions.  As the seller of the services, the Travel Partner will provide the sales receipt or tax invoice.

10.5. All details specified in the voucher (eg. no. of persons, package type) are considered final and cannot be changed except in accordance with Larga’s cancellation policy.

11. The deal's terms and conditions still apply.  In case of conflict, the terms and conditions of the deal, offer or package shall take precedence over these universal terms.

Last updated on 5 November 2017.