Food is one of the best parts about traveling. That’s why we rounded up five cities in Asia that are must-visits for foodies everywhere. These cities are filled with colorful road side eateries, world-class restaurants and street food carts, so finding a place to eat won’t be a problem!

Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam)

With French influence mixing with traditional Vietnamese flavors, Ho Chi Minh is filled with some of the world’s favorite food. And it’s healthy, to boot! So, don’t be afraid to eat to your heart’s delight!

No trip to Vietnam is complete without a steaming bowl of Pho, a plate of Goi Cuon (spring rolls) and some Banh Mi (Vietnamese baguette sandwich).

Other must-trys include the Banh Cuon (steamed rice rolls filled with pork and mushrooms), Banh Xeo (Vietnamese pancake filled with shrimps, pork and veggies) and Com Tam (broken rice with grilled pork, a slice of omelet and sunny side up eggs).

Don’t forget to get your fill of their Iced Coffee – you’ll need it to get your energy rolling when you tour the city. 

Shanghai (China)

Shanghai is considered by many as China’s reining street food haven. Their world-class Xia long bao (soup dumplings) and Shengjianbao (panfried dumplings) are to die for!

You can also feast on favorites like Shao kao (skewered EVERYTHING from vegetables to pork liver, chicken wings and seafood), Ci Fan (glutinous rice ball filled with fried dough, pork and pickled veggies), Shansi Leng Mian (eel noodles) and Cong You Bing (scallion pancakes).

Shanghai has turned influences from its nearby provinces to dishes that’s uniquely its own. The only way to find out your favorite is to taste it for yourself. Set the date, and make that Shanghai food trip happen!

Bangkok (Thailand)

Let’s face it – no foodie list is ever written without Bangkok in the list. From their classic Pad Thai to their traditional Boat noodles and mouthwatering Tom Yum Goong (hot and sour shrimp soup), Thai food has definitely set the bar for Asian cuisine.

Their mango and sticky rice, coconut ice cream and Thai crepes are absolute must-trys to satisfy your sweet tooth. If you’re feeling adventurous, try Bangkok’s local snacks featuring grasshoppers, lobsters, bugs and spiders! Bangkok is a true haven for foodies. They have a dish for every flavor, meant to satisfy any kind of craving!

Tokyo (Japan)

Tokyo is a food paradise that’s unlike any other. From hole-in-the-wall ramen joints to high-end Edomae-zushi bars, food is always within arm’s reach. Even a quick stop at Lawson, 7-11 or Family Mart can turn to a food fest (so many Onigiri to choose from!)

Indulge in authentic Takoyaki (Japanese octopus balls) Unaju (freshwater eel over rice), Yakitori (grilled meat skewers), Okonomiyaki (Japanese savory pancakes), and of course, everyone’s favorite Matcha ice cream!

Don’t miss out on Tsukiji Market’s sushi restaurants where service starts at the break of dawn, fresh from the fish market’s auction. It’s the earliest you’ll ever have to wake up for a meal, but trust us, it’s worth it!

Seoul (South Korea)

Thanks to pop culture and social media, more people nowadays are becoming increasingly obsessed with Korean cuisine. And they should be! Seoul’s local delicacies from their Ddeokbokki (spicy rice cakes) to their Samgyupsal (grilled pork belly) will definitely make your mouth water. Give yourself a challenge and try their unique specialties like Jjukumi gui (spicy grilled baby octopus), Beongdegi (stewed silkworm larvae), Sannakji (octopus sashimi) and Soondae (Korean blood sausage).

The variety of Seoul’s food offerings is very much like the soul of the city – you can get something sweet, something spicy and anything in between.

Any favorites we missed? Share us your favorites in the comments section.  Don’t forget to check out’s Asia travel picks, and map out these foodie destinations stat!