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Apollo Travel Wifi Rental for Canada

Starts at: ₱3,360.00 / Person

Get fast and reliable Wifi access in Canada!  Enjoy 500mb data use per day with a handy 4G WiFi gadget you can bring everywhere you go. Comes with 4G LTE good for maximum of five connected devices at once!


What's Included?

  • Rental of travel wifi gadget with 4G LTE connection (Choose package below)
  • Pouch carrier & charger
  • Daily allowance of 500mb, resets every 12MN PST. In excess, connection is still up at 256kbps
  • Connect up to 5 devices (smartphones, tablets or laptops)
  • FREE Shipping for Metro Manila-based renters.




How far will my 500mb/day take me? 500mb of data per day is roughly:

  • 21 hours of browsing the web
  • 25 hours of browsing your Facebook page or 1,000 posts with pictures
  • 8 hours of Google Maps
  • 2 hours of chatting on Skype
  • 5,900 emails
  • 2 hours of standard video on YouTube
  • 16,666 messages chatting on WhatsApp
  • 125 tracks on Spotify


When do I receive my gadget? The gadget will be delivered to your shipping address 1 business day before your departure date.


How about pickup? Our courier will be picked up the gadget 2 business days after your arrival date.


I lost my gadget. What do I do? You’ll have to inform Apollo Travel Wifi’s customer team as soon as possible. Contact points are as follows: mobile at +639771945915, chat at or email A fee of Php 5,000 is needed to cover the loss.

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Read our Universal Fine Print Here.

Availability:In stock
  • Shipping fee to provinces not stated in the options – variable according to shipping & pickup address
  • Additional days - This will be charged after initial checkout, after request is made.
  • Full payment is required prior to any booking confirmations or slot reservation.
  • Your Travel Voucher is your reservation confirmation. Please ensure you input the correct email address when finalizing your purchase. Neither Larga nor the Travel Partner will be responsible for the safekeeping of your voucher. You may however seek help for the voucher to be reissued, just email for assistance.
  • Given the 24-Hour Guarantee, you are able to cancel your voucher 24 hours after purchase for any reason. Outside of the 24 hours, any requests for cancellation or refund will be processed according to Larga’s Standard Cancellation Policy.
  • In case your travel dates will change, you are free to ask for a change in date up to 5 days before your original date, at no additional cost. After which, respective shipping fees shall be charged accordingly.
  • In case you need to cancel your rental for any reason, you can cancel your rental up to 5 days before your date of departure for free. After which, a 25% cancellation fee will be charged and any shipping fees charged out in relation to the shipment or pickup of your rental.
  • If in case you encounter problems connecting while overseas, you can connect to Apollo Travel Wifi via: +6397771945915 or chat at or email <>.
  • In case you need to extend your rental, please get in touch with Apollo Travel Wifi via +6397771945915 or chat at or email
  • In case you need to extend your rental:
  • Your security deposit will be returned to your assigned bank account 1-2 business days after your gadget has been returned and declared clear of any damage. The unit price for replacement is below:
    • Lost Gadget - Php 5,000
    • Pouch - Php 200
    • Replacement: Top Case - Php 770
    • Replacement: Middle Case - Php 825
    • Replacement: Back Case - Php 300
    • Replacement: Bracket - Php 500
    • Replacement: Cable - Php 250
    • Replacement: Main Antenna - Php 400
    • Replacement: Sub Antenna - Php 450
    • Replacement: Battery - Php 1,300
    • Replacement: U2 PCBA - Php 6,500
    • Replacement: Keypad FPC - Php 500
  • All the details tied to this travel deal is fixed and are bound by the arrangements made by the Travel Partner. When booking and buying this Travel Deal, you agree and are bound the tour conditions as stated in this Travel Deal.
  • In case of unforeseen or uncontrollable circumstances such as severe weather conditions, political upheavals and the like, you may reschedule your rental. Best effort will be given to provide a minimum 24-hour notice and in the case of a reschedule of rental schedule, additional fees may apply.

Fulfilled By: Exadyne Solutions


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